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No pork for you!

Chin Chin 125 Flinders Lane, CBD He says: Marg and I had been planning on hitting up Chin Chin for a while, and it was with great sadness that I found this article from The Age during my mid Friday morning procrastination. A review in The Age is great for the budding restaurateur, but bad […]

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Down the rabbit hole

Hare & Grace 525 Collins Street, CBD (next to Rialto on King St side, downstairs) Ex-workmate A and I caught up for dinner after work the other day and decided to trek the 10 meters Hare & Grace, an ‘eatery and minibar’. We’ve been to Hare & Grace a lot since it opened back in […]

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The last flight out of Melbourne (QF494)

Melbourne->Sydney, Monday 9:00pm, QF494 This is the last QANTAS flight out of Melbourne on a Monday evening, so as you can imagine, nobody really wants to be there. The food is generally forgettable, usually some kind of unusual dip that nobody would normally eat but you do because there isn’t anything else to do besides […]

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Liar, liar pants not so much on fire

Liar Liar 90 Kinkora Road, Hawthorn (just off corner of Glenferrie) He says: Liar Liar has well and truly captured the minds, and stomachs, of the gentrified Hawthornites(?). Sunday brunch was hectic. There were children running everywhere, orbit Baby Transportation Systems falling from the sky, and recently risen disenfranchised youths trying to avoid being seen […]

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Feed me, Migo

Migo’s 289 Flinders Lane, CBD (near corner of Elizabeth) She says: Migo’s is another one of the roughly-half-way-between-our-offices cafes that Gerard and I end up at for lunches on the rare days when he’s working in Melbourne. It’s your typical Melbourne lane-sized cafe on Flinders Lane with a small space and even smaller tables. I’ve […]

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The laziest brunch

Porgie + Mr Jones 291 Auburn Road, Hawthorn She says: I’d been sick all week and busy at work so had been looking forward to making the most of a weekend so when I woke up at 1.30 pm (!) the other Sunday I was disappointed. Disappointed until Gerard decided that we should go grab […]

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A golden odyssey

Golden Fields 157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda She says: Epic. That is the only way I can describe the dinner that Gerard, K and I had at Golden Fields the other day. I’d been sick all week and flat out at work so I pretty desperately wanted to get home and log some couch time […]

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Bagel time

Jungle Juice 20 Centre Place, Melbourne CBD He says: Jungle Juice, or as I like to call it, “the bagel place”, is one of my favourite inner city lunch haunts. The quirky, pokey interior, really is the embodiment of inner city Melbourne. It’s got to be no more than 3 metres wide, with the patrons […]

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Mexican munching

Trippy Taco 48 Smith Street, Fitzroy He says: Ever since a drunken night in Tijuana, I’ve loved Mexian food (but no longer tequila).  The smell of the spices, the hands on-eating, the mess. It’s feel good food for the soul, and usually without the price-tag. I’ve driven past Trippy Taco hundreds of times on the way […]

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Land of the free (sides) and home of the brave (stomachs)

Gasometer 484 Smith Street, Collingwood She says: There are no two ways about it, Gasometer is one of the biggest hipster-haunts I’ve come across. Possibly one of the highest hipster-to-mainstreamer ratio you’ll find anywhere in Melbourne. Walking into this rehabbed Irish pub though, you can see why. This is a serious a seriously cool space. […]

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