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Stitch Bar

61 York St,Sydney

Bar at Stitch

Only a couple of years ago, the Sydney CBD was a barren wasteland when it came to small bars.  If you weren’t smashing down schooners whilst watching some kind of sporting event, or raving it up in a large club, there wasn’t really that much on offer. Luckily ,those days are slowly coming to an end.

Enter Stitch Bar, stage right, a small bar/restaurant located in the heart of the CBD that, apart from having an awesome cocktail list, specialises in American style food. For the win. Now I’ll have to admit that I’ve been to Stitch before, but mainly for the cocktails; this time it was going to be all about the food. I rocked up at about 8:00 with a work colleague, and although it wasn’t massively busy, there were no tables. We decided to risk it, and ordered food at the bar. The lovely bartender gave us a heartfelt smile and said that she’d try and get us a table, but there wasn’t anything available. We waited, and waited, and walked around the bar and then waited some more. My colleague even asked a couple of guys at a table for two that weren’t eating if we could borrow their table whilst we ate our meal, but they arrogantly declined. So our lamb burgers arrived, and we were left standing at the bar. We ate our meal almost entirely standing up, when finally two stools opened up next to us. It was just a little too late to remove that bitter taste of annoyance from my mouth.

Luckily, on the very friendly bartender’s recommendation, the Banana Split certainly did. Three scoops of ice-cream gluttonously covered with caramelised fudge and fairy floss. It was enough to completely forget about my standing hamburger ordeal. Worth this visit just to have one of these, or two.

I like Stitch. The cocktail list is respectable, the old sewing machine cases hanging from the ceiling are great, and the food is reasonably priced and very tasty. Their table management could be a lot better, especially when you’re looking at spending a reasonable amount on dinner (and drinks) but can’t find a table because there are a bunch of people sitting down drinking the same house red for an hour.

I ate:
I went with the Pork Burger ($16), which came with a side of diced up potatoes. It had a rather unusual Barbequed pork and sage actual burger patty, but was still very delicious. 

Pork Burger

I’m not really a dessert person, but the waitress twisted my arm into getting the Banana split ($12), which I’m glad she did. The banana was crushed under a mound of three delicious ice-cream scoops, caramelised sauce, fairy floss, and pistachios. The photos don’t do it justice.

Banana Split

In summary:
Stitch is a great little inner city Sydney bar, with a good cocktail list and a great American inspired menu. Just don’t bank on getting a table.

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