Once you Jock you can’t stop

Jock’s ice cream

83 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park

Ice cream is going to save the day

She says:
Just a little one today, the weather was so nice that after brunch at Mart the other week that we all walked (and yes, by walked I mean drove) down to Jock’s for ice cream. I definitely didn’t need it, but I sure enjoyed it.

I don’t need to say a lot about Jock’s, it’s my favourite ice cream in Melbourne because it is great ice cream with a huge selection of flavours.  The only thing I can complain about is the take home tubs, they’re just way too tempting. So far I’ve managed to avoid them but I don’t think I can hold out for much longer.


He says:
Only having been introduced to Jock’s recently, it’s fast becoming one of my favourite (but not necessarily my favourite) ice creameries. It’s full of favour, and you can see the cookies literally bursting out of the icecream in the photo below. There is so much flavour it’s trying to escape from the cup. Luckily, we finished it before it was too late.

We ate:
Gerard and I shared a two scoop cup of the triple choc and chocolate ripple ($5). I think my favourite combination at Jock’s is a scoop of baked apple with a scoop of either caramel or cinnamon (Gerard: Really? Baked Apple? Sounds like a pop-tart). They didn’t have baked apple though, sad face. The choc ripple is pretty great though.

Two scoop

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  • http://www.robofusion.com/ Lucy Hill

    Jock’s! They always give you that sweet smile! :)

    • twomunch

      I always get a little excited when I see Jock’s on the menu. SOJO, the place we went to on the Queen’s Birthday Weekend, had Jock’s as an option on their pancakes. Delicious.

  • Lynda Bay

    Yup! Jock’s is a haven to those ice cream lovers. And they’re always be a safe comfort for depressed people :)