Over the bridge and far away

Pint of Milk

19 North Road, Newport


Riddle me this: what’s silver, weighs a tonne and has multiple headaches? Answer: my car full of hungover friends last Saturday. Ok, that was a really lame riddle, but I’m struggling to think a little just remembering how tired everyone was last week. My friend Strawberry Fields lives in Williamstown and is always coming to us for catch ups so we thought it was about time for us to make our less than annual trip over the other side of the bridge for lunch. I got in the car, picked up my best friend and the doctor and then drove over the bridge and far away, and then kept driving some more. It’s far away. We decided to head to the relatively new Pint of Milk in an old corner store on a non-descript street.

The fit out is great. Just the kind of cafe I like, a big share table, tables out in the sun, lots of tables with bench seats and cushions, industrial light fittings – I love it all. I also really liked the rustic wood plank panelling that had been added to some of the walls. A great looking cafe with a casual and comfortable atmosphere.

Milk cart

We ordered a mix of breakfast and lunchy things. I had the sauteed exotic mushrooms on walnut sourdough with taleggio and truffled chestnuts ($14) with a size of chorizo ($4). While I thought it was probably trying a little hard that the waitress actually referred to them as ‘exotic mushrooms’ when they were brought to the table, they were definitely good. I also really enjoyed the walnut sourdough and the chestnuts. I’ve never thought to mix mushrooms with nuts and I’m kind of sad that I’ve been missing out on it for so long. The chorizo was good and spicy, but the waitress forgot it the first time around so I ate it as a second course rather than a side.


Strawberry Fields went for the toasted bagel with bacon, spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise ($14) with a side of mushrooms ($3). She loved it.


My best friend and the doctor were both hideously hung over and decided to try to do something about it (instead of just whinging and clutching their heads like they had for the drive over) by ordering the persian steak sandwich with field mushroom, cucumber pickle, crispy onion rings, baby cos and toasted brioche ($19). The steak sandwich was of the deconstructed variety and looked amazing when it came out. Unfortunately it ended up being a little too confusing and hard to eat for people not fully functioning. The best friend actually almost gave up trying to eat it at all because she couldn’t figure out how to do it. Also we asked a waitress for steak knives and were told that they don’t have any – I think that’s a little odd for somewhere which serves steak, they both got there in the end though.
Update: Best friend read this post and complained that I was too nice. She said, I quote, “it was the worst steak sandwich I have ever eaten”. She also compared her brioche experience to eating a tasteless sponge.

Steak sandwich

The executive summary:
A really cool cafe that wouldn’t be out of place on Smith Street. The food is pretty good, but probably a little bit too complicated for people running on under 3 hours sleep.

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