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The Dip

55 Liverpool St, Chinatown, Sydney (inside GoodGod)

If you haven’t already noticed, I have this unashamed love of American style food. Good quality American food, not the three cheeseburgers at the Circular Quay McDonalds kind, but  food that has been carefully assembled, tastes great, but is still a little on the comfort food side. In my food fueled Godzilla style rampage across Sydney, I stumbled across The Dip, which can be found hiding within the GoodGod  club near China town.

Menu from the Dip

The Dip is the name given to the kitchen at the back of the club, and during the earlier hours of an evening tables are scattered throughout the club so you can sit down and eat. Add to that the club style lighting (ie, there isn’t any), and the Tiki themed fitout – this place is pretty cool. Just to confirm my observations, there is a liberal sprinkling of hipsters throughout the venue.

I Ate
On this particular outing, forgoing my usual solitary Sydney restaurant dining, I went with “the boss” and we decided to tackle a number of different items on the menu. We hit up the Watermelon Salsa and Corn chips and the Appleslaw for sides, and then the Boss had Pulled Pork Nachos for his main, and I had a Pulled Pork sandwich. I finished it off with an Ice Guacamole for dessert.

Watermelon Salsa and Corn chips

The watermelon salsa with corn chips and jalapeno cream ($8), although a little spicy for me (so probably fine for normal people), was pretty good. It was very unusual biting into the tomatoes in the salsa while at the same time smelling watermelon. The appleslaw ($6) was the standout of the sides, with the tangy apples in the slaw tasting so fresh you’d have thought they had a tree growing in the kitchen. It put other ‘slaws to shame.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Both main meals were incredibly delicious.  The pulled pork sandwich ($12), also stuffed with appleslaw, melted in my mouth. The pork was juicy, which is sometimes missing from pulled pork, and the BBQ flavouring complimented well against the slaw.

Pulled Pork Nachos

The pulled pork nachos ($14), were also amazingly delicious, with a moderate amount of toppings.


The Ice Guac, was an avocado flavoured ice-cream ($10), with strawberries cut up to look like salsa, with a little waffle on top. A novel reinvention of a classic Mexican favourite, and surprisingly it actually worked. A dish that looked as good as it tasted.

In Summary
American style food doesn’t get much better than this. If you’re after something quirky, tasty and a little naughty, you can’t go past the Dip.

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