Hot beef + cold beer = happy hipsters


106 Smith St, Fitzroy


She says
I saw word on twitter  on Thursday that Huxtaburger, the new Smith St burger venture from the makers of Huxtable, had opened. By Friday afternoon I’d worked up a hunger by doing not a lot and thought that a burger would be the perfect end to the day. So we headed down to Smith St and found that being almost christmas and (what felt like) 35 degrees meant that it wasn’t nearly as busy as I had thought it might be.

Huxtaburger is a tiny little shop front with a few seats inside and maybe 4 or 5 tables outside (stretching across 2 shopfronts, looks to me like it’s soon to expand into next door). It’s a cute shop which reminds me a lot of an old school fish and chips/burger shop. Nothing fancy, just seats, drinks and a big grill. The simplicity follows through to the menu which is currently made up of the huxtaburger and 3 versions with added extras (and a rotating salad for non-carnivors). There aren’t as many choices as I was expecting, but I think that the minimalism has paid off – Huxtaburger focuses on doing one thing and they do it well, and cheaply. It may not be anything super gourmet or revolutionary, but there’s certainly nothing to complain about on the food front.

While summer may not be the best time to try and break into burgers (unless you’re a little closer to a beach than Fitzroy) I think Huxtaburger is going to be a hit. With its tasty burgers, cold beer, speedy service and low prices it’s hard to go wrong. This is just the way burgers should be. Hopefully they’ll be expanding and adding a bit more seating, if not there’s always take away.


He says
Usually Friday night is reserved for trashy television and home delivered Thai food but this, very Christmassy, Friday, Margaret suggested that we hit up a new burger bar on Smith Street called Huxtaburger. Their website revealed a small but delicious looking selection of burgers, perfect for a finally sunny Friday dinner.

The table space is at a premium, but we luckily arrived just as some other, happy looking diners, were finishing up. There are a few bar stools inside, but sitting outside on Smith Street is where it’s at.  How are passers-by going to jealously look at your burger if they can’t see it?

It took a while for my burger to materialise from the kitchen, but I wasn’t disappointed when it did.  It was a very old-fashioned burger, in both appearance and taste. The patty was very moist, and there was a sizable amount of drip when I started devouring it. It tasted like an upmarket Monster Burger.  Although I enjoyed, the burger, the chips (including the “special” chipotle chips) were a little underwhelming. In the third age of universal chip dip, there was a noticeable lack of condiments available.

We ate
Huxtaburger has a small menu, focusing on variations of a basic burger (the huxtaburger – a beef pattie with mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, cheese, lettuce, pickles for $8, or $10 with chips).

Gerard and I each had a Bills, a huxtaburger with added bacon, egg, pineapple & beetroot ($10). These burgers were pretty darn good. The bun was a little crunchy but fresh and the pattie was juicy and delicious. The extras were also pretty good. And yes, before you say anything about the photo, I am that white. All the time.


Here’s another view for you, just because it looks delicious!


My housemate went for the salad ($10). It looks like the salad is on rotation, when we visited it was roasted cauliflower, quinoa, pomegranate, mint, red onion and pine nuts. The salad, which came served cold in a little pre-packed bowl, went down well.


We also had two large fries ($3, not that large) and a chipotle fries (mysteriously listed on the menu as being available “on request”, last time I checked a menu is a list of items that are available for you to request, maybe I’m missing something though).

Huxtaburger is great addition to Smith Street dining. If you’re in the area, and you’re pining for a burger, you won’t be disappointed by Huxtaburger. I just don’t know if I’d drive across town for it.

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  • Sofia

    Looks friggen delicious! Can’t wait to head down there!

    • Marg

      They were pretty good, I saw on twitter that they sold out around 8 last night, can see why!