Hot Coffee?


8-10 Railway Parade, Camberwell


She says
Last Sunday Gerard and I headed to Coffeehead in Camberwell for brunch. Coffeehead is in what looks like an old warehouse on Railway Parade in Camberwell, the funny little street just past VicRoads and Brunetti that nobody has any reason to go down unless they’re walking through to the station or going to the building where they seem to do all the oral exams for VCE languages.

It was about 9000 degrees outside so I was really happy to get inside after the walk from the car park that must have been pushing 200 meters. Life is hard. Anyway, I was so relieved to get into the air-conditioning that it took me a few minutes to calm down and actually have a look around. When I did, I liked what I saw. The fit out looks a lot like an eclectic 50s diner with a big communal table, seats at the bar and lots of tables. There’s also a huge coffee roaster in the kitchen at the back, really huge.


What really excited me about Coffeehead’s fit-out was the foosball table. My secret talent in life is foosball. When I was travelling in Europe a few years ago one of my favourite things to do in hostels was to play against random guys, pretend that I’d never played before and then smash them. Greatest thing ever. After lunch Gerard and I had a game, we weren’t scoring but I’m pretty sure he won. I think maybe I was trying not to scare him with a level of aggressiveness that I don’t think I show in any non-foosball situation. Also the stick things weren’t sprung very well, not that I’m trying to make excuses or anything.

Oh and there’s free wifi, everyone loves free wifi.


He says
Last Sunday was possibly the hottest day in Melbourne’s history. I have no scientific basis for this claim, and sitting reflecting back on it from the comfort of an air conditioned plane seat, it probably wasn’t that hot, but at the time it was unbearable. So hot. Like the sun was just millimeters from my skin and I was being slowly roasted to death.

So like any normal people, we decided it was the best time to sample Coffeeheads, a new coffee-centric cafe in the backstreets of Camberwell. Perched between some rather dull office buildings, and an even duller interpretation of Brunettis, Coffeeheads is located in what I can only presume was once some kind of warehouse. Although the exterior is rather drab, the inside has been transformed into a rather spacious 50′s diner inspired cafe. A long bar runs along one side, with shelves awaiting products on the other. The tables are located at either end, and there is an unobstructed view of the kitchen. The kitchen is massive, so I suspect they’ll be using that for classes in the future. And there is a free foosball table. But most importantly, there was amazing air-conditioning. Everyone loves air-conditioning.

To be honest, the place confused me a little. On one hand, it’s playing the retro diner throwback card, with antique signs and classic menu items like spaghetti on toast.  On the other hand, they’re positioning themselves as purveyors of fine coffee, with matching gourmet menu items like the coffee smoked duck salad. Not that I’m complaining about the food, the food was delicious, but I’m still a little confused as to what they’re trying to be. Diner or upmarket coffee roasters? Or both?


We ate
Gerard had the coffee smoked duck salad with fig, walnut, goats cheese and pomegranate dressing ($19). The salad was great times. Gerard couldn’t taste the coffee smoke in the duck but he was drinking a long black while eating so I think he was a little desensitised, the piece I tried (on a caffeine free palate) definitely tasted of coffee.

Duck salad

I had the huevos rancheros – baked eggs with jamon, capsicum and tomato sauce in a toasted tortilla ($15).  I know it was a strange choice for such a hot day but I was really happy with the meal. The eggs and sauce were delicious, I want to go back again right now! One minor issue though, while the menu said that the eggs would be served in a toasted tortilla (which I thought was a little odd in the first place), the eggs came served with toast. I was fine with the substitution, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

Huevos rancheros

To conclude
Eclectic fit-out and menu. Definitively worth a visit; we’ll be back for a foosball rematch.

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