Baa baa black sheep

Three Bags Full

60 Nicholson Street, Abbotsford


She says
On the weekend Gerard and I decided to go out for lunch. By the time we got around to thinking about lunch I was really, really hungry so I suggested that we try Three Bags Full in Abbotsford, mainly because it’s not too far away. I’ve heard great things about Three Bags Full but had never been able to try it for myself because every time I’ve tried, it’s been closed. Between November last year and January this year I tried to go there 3 times for lunch and found it was closed every time. I have no idea why. Granted once was just after New Year’s, I don’t know what was going on the other couple times though.

Luckily for me, Three Bags Full is a cafe worth waiting for. Not in the queueing sense though, surprisingly we walked right in to a table at around 12.30 on Saturday. The cafe is in the bottom of the gorgeous Denton Hat Mills building off Victoria Street. The beauty of the exterior is matched by a quality interior. The slightly industrial look with roughly painted exposed brick, exposed light fittings, wood and a mix of tables really works. The only complaint I have about inside is that the area where we were sitting (a side room with one large communal table and then a couple of tables for 2 by the window) was incredibly loud.

The service (while obviously a little stretched because of how busy it was) was really friendly, the food was great and the interior was attractive (if a little noisy). I’ll definitely be back to try out some other dishes, assuming I can manage to turn up when it’s open.


He says
On the way to Three Bags Full on Saturday, we passed a rather large, hungry looking mob waiting outside Friends of Mine in Richmond. I started to worry that the entire City of Melbourne was out looking for a wayfarer friendly café for brunch and hangover recovery. I was too hungry for that, I was too hungry to fumble with my iPhone awkwardly outside a café whilst simultaneously greasing off diners who were already eating. Marg was so excited too, I just didn’t want to have that happen at Three Bags Full.

When we arrived, it looked very very busy. We sheepishly made our way inside, and were almost shocked when we were seated straight away. The place was the definition of buzzing, almost to the point that I actually should have brought some earplugs. The waitress who served us, although by the look of it a little busy, was informative and enthusiastic about the menu,  even commenting that she was glad we were ordering something that wasn’t breakfast.

The décor in Three Bags Full should be a reference point if you want to open a café in Melbourne. Exposed industrial brick, lots of wood, vintage paraphernalia and enough incandescent globes to make Edison smile. I also really enjoyed also the little three bags full merchandise near the counter. A great café, which ticks all the boxes, whatever those boxes may be.  And now to the food…


We ate
We were a little late on the brunch side of things so Gerard and I both decided to order from the slightly more substantial looking lunch section of the menu. I had the roast cauliflower and haloumi fritters with an egg, red onion, capers, parsley and mustard salad ($16). It was delicious. The fritter itself was good and the salad complemented it really well. The highlight for me though was the generous serve of haloumi which, luckily, I’d left until last. I told Gerard afterwards that I never wanted to wash my mouth again. I was only partially joking.


Gerard had the black angus steak sandwich with bacon, beetroot relish, cheese, aioli rocket and tomato ($18). Gerard loved the sandwich. I think his love of it was only increased the next day when he had a really disappointing version somewhere else that left him wishing we’d opted for back-to-back lunches at Three Bags Full.


Yes Sir, Yes Sir
Three Bags Full has stuffed those bags with an array of great menu items and a very on trend fit-out. The master, the dame and the little boy who lives down the lane would all be very pleased with this endeavour. Ok, enough nursery rhyme puns, my fair lady.

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