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The edge of the Peri Peri

Barcelos Fifth Ln, Accra, Ghana Chicken is king in Ghana. They’re dodging cars in the street, being carried around in plastic bags or, most commonly, appearing next to a large side of rice. With the break neck development occurring in Accra, it was only a mater of time until the chicken migrated from the dusty […]

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Lemon Meringue cake

Nigella’s Lemon Meringue Cake Over the Easter weekend (that feels like a seriously long time ago now) it was my friend Strawberry Fields’ birthday. A lot of our friends were out of Melbourne for the long weekend so Gerard, SF and I had a pizza and trashy TV night on Good Friday to celebrate her birthday. […]

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One Lounge to End Them All

QANTAS Sydney First Lounge So I’m off to Ghana (in West Africa) for work, which will make a very welcome change to flying to Sydney. However, I’ve found out that flying to Ghana is a colossal pain, involving a number of unfortunately timed flights. People who say it’s about the journey, rather than the destination, […]

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Honest dogs

Phat Brats 320 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy He says Phat Brats is the newest gourmet sausage darling taking Melbourne by storm, trying to satisfy Melbourne’s insatiable appetite for gourmet sausage. Sausage-wise, there’s the tried and true Victoria Market Deli Hall, the Sydney upstart Snag Stand, and the well dressed guys from Massive Wieners. A veritable sausage […]

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Albert St at last

Albert St Food and Wine 382 Sydney Road, Brunswick She says Back in January I went to visit my friend T from uni who had just moved to an apartment on Sydney Rd. We were meant to go out for lunch to Albert St Food & Wine which had just started serving food that day. I […]

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