A spoonful of sugar


543 High Street, Prahran


With Gerard in Ghana I’ve been filling my weekends with lots of brunches and TV, sad but true. On my first solo weekend I went to Spoonful is Prahran with girlfriend Strawberry Fields and my best friend (who, by the way, is currently featured cracking eggs and throwing giant cherries around like nobody’s business in this Masterchef promo, thank you Masterchef producers for giving me something to lol at forever).

I’d never even heard of it before and was v pleasantly surprised. I found the cafe had a great casual atmosphere – between the ecclectic mix of furniture, lack of tables right in the middle of the room and people sitting around reading books, it felt a bit like I was hanging out having breakfast in someone’s lounge room. Also, there was plenty of parking within lazy-person walking distance (i.e. eyeshot), definitely something I miss when I head north-side.

There’s quite a small menu but everything looks pretty good and the service was great. Definitely the sort of place that makes me want to bunker down in for hours chatting to friends and not ordering nearly enough to justify keeping the table – great for me, on reflection maybe not a great business plan though.

We ate
I tried to order the hummous, mushrooms & roasted tomatoes on olive toast ($13.50) but they were unfortunately out of olive bread which made me so sad that I switched meals. Strawberry Fields and I both had the red chilli scrambled eggs with bacon, spring onion, parmesan and parsley on toasted turkish bread ($16.60). I thought the eggs were great, just enough chilli.


My bff went for the hummous, mushrooms & tomatoes mentioned above despite the lack of olive bread (substitute regular sourdough). She really liked the hummous. It all looked pretty good to me, I’ll be trying it next time (provided they have olive bread of course). She also smooshed it all up before I got a photo, selfish much?


We also split a slice of pavlova because we saw one delivered to another table and it looked amazing. It had a surprisingly wide variety of fruit in there, along with the usual suspects of strawberry there was nectarine, fig and more. The pavolva looked amazing but just tasted ok, it was a little too smooshy (that’s the technical term right?).


Final thought
Good food and a great atmosphere, what more can I say?

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