The Art of Swiss Ice Cream

Mövenpick Hotel, Sankofa Restaurant

Victoria Borg, Accra, Ghana

Movenpick Logo

Mövenpick the ice cream, meet Mövenpick the hotel. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that Mövenpick, a brand I thought was only associated with expensive ice cream, also ran a hotel chain. My mind was awash with fanciful images of rooms made of ice cream and beds made of waffle cones. Oh just imagine how delicious that hotel would be!

Alas, the new Mövenpick in Accra isn’t made of ice cream, but it is still rather fancy looking. Perched on the outskirts of the central business district, the hotel takes up a rather imposing amount of land with an elongated hotel and office building. It looks like it has every convenience you’d expect from a 5 star hotel (I’m unfortunately not staying there), but most importantly, it has a very nice looking restaurant.

Inside Mövenpick Restaurant
The restaurant has an a la carte menu, with the option of a self-service salad bar, and more importantly, they specialize in steak. I’ve never been so excited to see steak on a menu; Ghanaians are not big beef eaters, with chicken being the favoured meat. It is hideously expensive by local standards, and the restaurant is primarily filled with businessmen and expats staying at the hotel.

Movenpick Salad Bar

I Ate

I went the South African sourced Rib Eye, for $48 Ghana Cedi ($25 AUD) with the option of self-serve salad bar for $32 GHS ($17 AUD). The salad bar had a generous selection of salads, and even included a sushi roll section. I ended up making a complete mess of it, and decided to select a combination of non-complimentary salads. I piled my plate with Thai beef salad, corn salad and a ham salad (which unfortunately didn’t just contain ham). The salads were all very good, but the chillies in the Thai beef salad were pretty hot and caused me to hiccup, to the amusement of the rest of the table.


Unlike other restaurants in Ghana, the steak came out quickly. It was cooked to medium, as requested, and it was very tender. I particularly liked the sauce. The side salad was quite good, but the chips were weedy and disappointing.

Rib eye

Sad Chips

Although full to the point of exploding, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to eat Mövenpick ice cream in a Mövenpick hotel. So I ordered the banana split for $18 GHS($9.5) which came out with a generous serve of vanilla ice cream. I’ve been craving a good ice cream for weeks, and this one was so good I think I blacked out.

Banana Split

In case anyone else wasn’t yet full, we topped the night off with a fake birthday for one of my colleagues. They ended up bringing out a nautical flare hiding in a piece of black forest cake.

Birthday cake

To Conclude

Good western comfort hotel food, and not outrageously priced in comparison to back home. Don’t be put off by the cedi conversion rate.

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  • Deivasigamani Soliappan

    An Evening to remember in accra…Thanks for capturing those moments in your camera and in your blog.

    • twomunch

      It was a very good night indeed. Thanks for helping us celebrate Petra’s fake 31st Birthday :)

  • Nadia

    You look like you had an amazing time (and meal!). When my dad got a job with Movenpick I was so excited…so much ice cream at my fingertips….alas, the two aren’t related.