Happy 1st Birthday


He Says
A year ago to the day, our humble little blog started its life on the internet. Hours of procrastinating, days of CSS tweaking, and constant worrying about launch content was all over when we flicked the metaphorical switch and a whole new set of problems appeared. Would people visit the blog? How are they going to find it? Would they come back? The start was a little rough; we received almost universal mockery from our friends over our cutesy “about us” page, which we changed almost immediately. Slowly but surely the laughter has subsided, and our camera has become a routine part of any brunch or dinner.

I thought I’d share with you some random statistics from the last year:

  • Number of posts:  94.
  • Number of times people have asked me why I was taking photos of food in their restaurant/café: 2
  • Most common search terms (in no particular order): two munch, twomunch, gumbo kitchen, huxtaburger, food trucks melbourne, mexican swan street, fonda mexican, mexican swan street.
  • Percentage of Mobile Visitors: 26%.
  • Number of visitors from Turkey: 1.

My top five posts, in no particular order:

  • Keep BBQ Weird (Red River BBQ & Burger Mary’s ‘Short Order’ Wednesday nights at the Workers Club)




The Burger


It’s been a great first year for twomunch.com; we’ve learnt a lot along the way. The next few months are going to be really exciting, as we’ll be expanding the site and exploring different angles. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and we hope that you continue to do so. It’s been a delicious privilege on our part.

She says
As Gerard mentioned we’ve been writing our blog for a year now, it feels like no time and also forever. I’m also a little scared by how much we must have eaten over the last year, it’s definitely been a great excuse to try new places though.

To everyone who has read our blog over the last year, even people who end up here accidentally and leave thinking we’re crazy and/or really terrible writers, thank you. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m going to keep using each and every one of you to justify going out for dinner.

Here are some of my random highlights from the year, given that Gerard stuck to 5 I’ll try to do the same (to avoid double up I’ve left out Golden Fields and Red River BBQ/Burger Mary’s BBQ efforts which would otherwise have both made my list):

  • Favourite brunch: Ora Cafe. If there’s a better duck roll out there, I haven’t found it.


  • Favourite pizza: Pizza Religion. It’s not even remotely authentic, but it’s delicious. Also they deliver to my house, heart.

Roast lamb pizza

  • Favourite burger: Huxtaburger. When we first visited Huxtaburger (opening week) I wasn’t necessarily convinced, after a recent return visit I’m sold.


  • Favourite dumplings: Shanghai Street. It’s the sort of place that you have to queue awkwardly in a corner for and then start feeling the pressure to leave as soon as you sit down, but they’re hands down my favourite dumplings in the city.

Fried pork mini bun

  • Favourite Mexican: Fonda Mexican. Like just about every other person in Melbourne we’ve been to our fair share of Mexican-inspired restaurants this year. Fonda may not have the answer to the constant authenticity question, but it’s my favourite anyway.

Chopped beef burrito

And now to add a few random stats to Gerard’s list:

  • Top 5 most viewed posts (in order of most views to least): Fonda Mexican, Paco’s Tacos, MFWF Food Truck Jam, Senoritas and Gumbo Kitchen. Anyone seeing some trends here?
  • Most eaten but never blogged food: Cumin Thai, we’ve never blogged about Cumin because we’ve never actually eaten at the restaurant, but we’ve collapsed on Friday night with their take away red duck curry and crispy pad thai more times than I care to admit.
  • Number of times I’ve gone on weird tagents about the John Goodman effect or Ricki Lake movies: Too many.
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  • http://mrsropersmusings.com/ Mrs. Roper

    As a Melbourne wanna be (and recent visitor) I enjoy your blog immensely. As a new blogger myself, I appreciate all your posts and thought behind what you do. Keep up the good work. I look forward to what is to come . . .