Rain & Sandwiches

Cumulus Inc

45 Flinders Ln, CBD

Bags Bags Bags

She says
A couple of months ago my office moved from the King St end of Collins St up to the decidedly classier Paris end. It’s been a nice change, partially because the offices are now all shiny and new, but mainly because my food options have greatly improved. I’ve found that one of my favourite lunch options is a sandwich from Cumulus Inc.

Before the big move I never knew that Cumulus sold sandwiches, but they do, and they’re delicious. The sandwiches are generously sized and will set you back $10. There are generally 4 flavours on offer each day – typically 3 carnivorous and 1 vegetarian (sometimes the vegetarian option is available for the Cumulus-bargain price of $8). The flavours change often, which keeps things interesting. I’ve had a variety including a couple of takes on chicken, a lamb shoulder and pork; none of them have let me down. The only catch is that the sandwiches are take away only, sadly $10 doesn’t buy you a table. On the plus side it makes them a great option for a eating at your desk while madly trying to get work done on time day.

He says
When Margaret suggested our second weekday lunch in as many weeks, I viewed it as a sign that the impending rapture was finally upon us. So after telling the boss what I really thought, and giving away my vintage Kinder Surprise collection (still wrapped in chocolate), I headed off to meet Margaret for lunch.  She’s been going on for weeks about her discovery of the take away sandwiches from Cumulus Inc.

Melbourne winter weather is a cruel temptress indeed, and doesn’t lend itself kindly to eating outside. Parks are out, benches are out, eating on the run is out. So where do you go? Federation Square! It has an enormous undercover atrium, next to Beer Deluxe, which seems to be completely empty 90% of the time, except for a smattering of SLR wielding tourists, and inexplicably, a bunch of chairs. So with a roof over our heads, and a bespoke brown bag full of sandwiches we were ready to lunch.

Federation Square

We ate:
Gerard had a ham hock roll with apple, cabbage and mayo ($10).

Ham hock sandwich

Ham hock sandwich

I had the chicken sandwich with almonds, sour cream and pickled chilli ($10). The chicken sandwich was probably the tastier of the two. I really enjoyed it, the almonds made me particularly happy.  The bread also deserves a special mention, it’s seriously good. If you find the filling you want comes with a choice between the grain and sourdough, get the grain. Every time.

Chicken Sandwich
In the end
A great option for an upmarket sandwich lunch, helping people to bring a little bit of happy back to their desks.

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