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Fantastic Mr Fox

Brother Fox 648 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn He says We drive down Glenferrie Road almost every day, so I was really surprised when Brother Fox just appeared out of nowhere. When Crab Apple Kitchen opened up just down the road, there were weeks of suspense before it opened. But Brother Fox just appeared to just fall […]

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Now queuing in Melbourne

Mamak 366 Lonsdale St, Melbourne CBD  She Says When Gerard goes to Sydney for work he goes out for dinner and then comes home and tells me about all the fancy (and not so fancy) restaurants he went to. One of his staple quick dinners in Sydney is the ever popular Malaysian restaurant Mamak which specialises […]

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Failure to Arancini

This post is about failure. Failure to read a recipe, failure to pay attention, and failure to respect ones own heritage. Failure, in this case, means failing to make a proper arancini. And I mean a proper arancini; not the kind that sit in food court bain marie that you get with a side salad, […]

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