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Brother Fox

648 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

Brother Fox Sign

He says

We drive down Glenferrie Road almost every day, so I was really surprised when Brother Fox just appeared out of nowhere. When Crab Apple Kitchen opened up just down the road, there were weeks of suspense before it opened. But Brother Fox just appeared to just fall from the sky. I would not have noticed except for the funky fake grass planter boxes next to the outdoor setting. I was suckered in, hook, line and sinker.Walking in on Saturday, I was surprised at how radically different the new exterior was to the interior of the café. The exterior had this rustic modern look, and the interior was, well, like a standard café. I was most confused. Was this a new café, or an existing café with a facelift? The internet proved less than useful, pointing to the old café on the site, Chashar Bliss. After much discussion, our current theory is that the existing owners are just rebranding Chashar Bliss.

Setting aside the split-personality issue, the brunch experience was very good. The staff were attentive, and the food came out relatively quickly. I rather enjoyed my middle eastern breakfast stew, which wasn’t too spicy, and came rather well presented in a tiny pot.

Apart from the personality issues, which I’m sure will be sorted out, you can’t go wrong with brunch at Brother Fox.

Brother Fox Inside

She says

Driving down Glenferrie Rd a couple of weeks ago on my way to the gym I noticed the v cool looking Brother Fox sign and outdoor seating. It looked like a cool kind of place and so went to the top of my ‘to check out on weekend’ list. When Gerard and I dropped in for brunch we pretty quickly noticed that although the sign is new (and possibly the outdoor seating), pretty much nothing else seems to have changed. Brother Fox, formerly known as Chassar Bliss, appears to have had a name and sign change accompanied by a bit of a menu switch up. The staff, interiors and main sign on the front of the building appear to be the same.

I’ll be honest, when I realised that this was a re-name without much other change, I felt a little cheated. Someone thought a cool new name and sign would lure people in and I fell for it. Apart from feeling a little duped, I really enjoyed my brunch. The service was good and the food was very good. In the end my main complaint would be that there were far too many customers wearing lycra, can’t really blame that on the cafe though can you?

We ate

Gerard had the middle eastern breakfast stew with chorizo ($15 I think). Gerard really enjoyed the stew and found that it wasn’t as spicy as he thought it might be.

Breakfast Stew

I had an omelette with mushroom, cheese, tomato, prosciutto and onion ($13). I really enjoyed the omelette, there was plenty of it and it had a great salty hit thanks to the prosciutto.


In the end

Somewhere old made to look new, serving a decent brunch.
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