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Chefs Gallery

12/501 George Street, Sydney, NSW 

Outside shot

She Says

Until recently Gerard was flying to Sydney every week for work. Staying in Sydney (or any other city) every week came with a number of perks, including:

  • buckets of frequent flyer points, I would actually need a bucket to carry them;
  • a maid service;
  • excited reactions from people when you come home for the weekend; and
  • in some hotels a magic button on the phone labelled “Instant service – for anything you want anytime!”. Does that sound wrong to anyone else?

Probably the biggest perk though, in my opinion at least, is that someone else pays for you to go and eat out at restaurants every night. Every night! Actually I would get sick of that pretty quickly, but it still sounds amazing. I have spent a lot of time over the last couple of years hearing about all the delicious places Gerard has dinner in Sydney. So, when we were in Sydney for a long weekend recently I made it my mission to visit the restaurants that have made me the most jealous.

Chef’s Gallery and it’s handmade noodles was at the top of my hit list. Gerard had told me more stories than I can count about the noodles and crazy desserts here. What he didn’t mention is that the restaurant has a really slick atmosphere and amazing food. The noodles were probably the least impressive dish we tried, I was taken completely off guard by how good everything else was.

He Says

My commuting to Sydney is currently on hiatus, and one of the things I miss most about Sydney is Chefs Gallery. Nestled near Town Hall station in the CBD, Chefs Gallery can be easily identified by the queue of Sydney siders queued up outside, rain, hail or shine. And the giant illuminated sign.

Chefs Gallery puts a western twist on traditional Chinese dishes. There are some truly bonkers items, like the New Macanese style mini burgers, which you’ll see below, mixed with more traditional dishes, such as curry diced chicken noodles. The noodles really are a delicious and visual treat. On one (of many) visits to Chefs Gallery, I was sitting at the bar, which overlooks the kitchen. I saw one of the chefs (in the Gallery), hand pull a serving of Lamian noodles, boil the fresh noodles, plate them, and shortly afterwards they were served to my table. I’m sure plenty of restaurants do this, but I love that Chefs Gallery puts its kitchen out front and centre.

We Ate

Firstly we shared the noodles served with cantonese style BBQ beef and a fried egg ($13.90). The noodles were super fresh and tasty.


We also had the new Macanese style mini burger filled with pork fillet, lettuce, pork floss and mayo ($13.90). I didn’t know what to expect from these and I was blown away by how flavoursome and delicious they are. I was actually speechless. Gerard snagged the 3rd one when I was away from the table, luckily he ordered a second set. Well, not luckily for my cholesterol.

Mini Burger

My other favourite dish was the shredded peking duck with cucumber and hoisin sauce wrapped in roti ($15.90). I love peking duck and don’t think that there are many ways to improve it, but wrapping it in roti was amazing. Who knew that combining peking duck and roti would be so great? Apparently Chef’s Gallery, for that, I take my hat off to you Mr Gallery.

Peking Duck Roti

Our last dish was the pan fried pork and cabbage potstickers ($9.90). These were good, but not as memorable as the other dishes.

Pork potstickers

To Conclude

Good atmosphere and great food. Get a serve of the mini burgers, or maybe two.

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