Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn

538 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

Coffee Machine

He says

Glenferrie Hill is by no means the peak of cool. It’s suburban functional in its purest form; there’s a supermarket, a descent fish & chip shop and a pharmacy. Its only real claim to fame is that you can change tram lines at the corner. We live around the corner, and although it’s nice to have all those amenities close by, I never really get excited about taking the walk down there. That is, until Huckleberry Finn opened.

When the previous café in the location suddenly closed down (due to family issues, thanks Gumtree stalking of businesses for sale), I was hoping for something a little more edgy. And from the moment Hucklberry Finn’s oversized Edison bulbs appeared in the window, I suspected my culinary dreams would be answered. So the fit out was going to be appropriately stylish, but was the food going to be just as exciting? There is nothing worse than having your dreams dashed at the last minute, particularly when food is involved.

So the day after it opened we snuck down, without the camera, for a quick spot of breakfast. The staff were delightfully energetic, and I thoroughly enjoyed my bacon and eggs, but we decided not to review it until we’d come back for lunch, mainly so I could try the sliders (of course).

Coffee With Tiny Teddy

She Says

As Gerard mentioned we live around 200 meters from Huckleberry Finn so I was pretty darn excited when it opened up just before Christmas. We went for a first breakfast, where I had a good sweet potato hash brown (v tasty, but could have done with some relish) and I was excited to check it out again over the Christmas break. Unfortunately it closed for Christmas about a week after it had opened and stayed closed for another 2 weeks. It reopened just in time for me to be back at work and unable to visit during the day.

Luckily Gerard and I got back for a lunch the other weekend and I really enjoyed it. The fit out is fun, the staff are friendly and I enjoy the food. The menu isn’t particularly innovative, but it offers a solid brunch selection with a couple of cooked lunch options plus sandwiches. I enjoyed both my visits and will definitely be back for more. I would even visit again if it was more than 2 minutes away.

We Ate

We shared two dishes, first up was the baked eggs & maple beans (cannellini beans, prosciutto and baked eggs with toast – $12.50). We added sides of avocado($3) and Pork and fennel sausage ($3.5). The eggs were great. I particularly liked the thick cut prosciutto. The sausages were good, but maybe a little overcooked.

Baked Eggs & Maple Beans

From the rather small lunch menu we tried the pulled pork sliders in brioche buns with appleslaw, potato skins and chive sour cream ($15.5). We both really enjoyed these, the bread was a particular highlight in the way that only really delicious bread can be.

Pulled Pork Sliders

To Conclude

An exciting new addition to a not super exciting spot, we think there’s plenty of potential.

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