The People’s Choice

The People’s Market

 64 – 68  Stanley street, Collingwood

People's Market Entrance

He Says

As we were sitting out the front of the People’s Market at 11:50am, waiting for it to open, I came to the realisation that we’re getting old. Nobody gets to the People’s Market at 11:50am on a Sunday, they’re all too busy being hungover or still partying from the night before. When the doors finally opened, the only other patrons had at least 2 children and/or a dog. We, however, had no excuse for the hour.

The People’s Market is a collection of pop-up cafes, art galleries, and retail shops in shipping containers in the backstreets of Collingwood. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. The cafés appear to cycle, so on the Sunday we went there was Dona Tona, South Soul Food and the MeatBall Company. I was actually a little disappointed at this as I was hoping to snag myself a sausage from Phat Brats, but I was more than satisfied with what we ended up ordering. There was no shortage of tables at the start, but there was a swell of people once we finished up.

The People’s Market is the perfect place to grab a few lazy beers with friends over an extended afternoon, and you won’t be disappointed with the food on offer. But it’s not really the kind of place you just go to for a bite to eat.


People's Market Interior

She Says

Shipping containers, seats, sun and food. That’s all I need for a good Sunday lunch.  Ok, shipping containers are probably optional on my list of things that make a good time, but they don’t hurt.

I really love the idea of the People’s Market with a rotating calendar of cafes, shops, art exhibitions and music. There’s also just something so cool and Melbourne about all of  hiding out in an old car park in a side street.

The People’s market is open day and night Thursday – Sunday and Wednesdays 5pm – 10pm, but only until April 28 so take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and get yourself down there for a meatball and drink as soon as possible!

South Soul Food

We Ate (Gerard)

I’ve been eating meat since I can remember, so you’d think I’d be able to identity it. Apparently not. What we have below is a pulled pork sandwich, well, what I thought was a pulled pork sandwich. I ordered it, enjoyed it, particularly the BBQ sauce, and I was on my merry way. Fast forward to tonight, when I’m writing the review, and imagine the shock I have when I read, from The People’s Market Website , that South Soul Food is vegan. 100% vegan. Not a piece of pork in sight, let alone a pulled piece. It looked like pork, it tasted like pork, but it wasn’t pork. My pulled pork powered mind is absolutely blown.

Vegan pulled pork sandwich with Watermelon

Marg had the potato & chorizo tacos from Dona Tona ($6 each or $20 for 4). They were pretty delicious and just spicy enough. As far as I know they were also made from real meat, but who knows? After the alleged pulled pork incident I don’t know what to believe anymore. It’s like my whole life has been a lie.

Potato & Chorizo Taco
To Conclude

A great place to spend a lazy afternoon (or not quite afternoon).


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  • Nean

    Ur not that old. We turned up to Smithfield Market in London at 6am, only to find the clubbers leaving from their night out. That’s when you feel old!