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Now queuing in Melbourne

Mamak 366 Lonsdale St, Melbourne CBD  She Says When Gerard goes to Sydney for work he goes out for dinner and then comes home and tells me about all the fancy (and not so fancy) restaurants he went to. One of his staple quick dinners in Sydney is the ever popular Malaysian restaurant Mamak which specialises […]

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Cookies for all!

Momofuku Milk Bar cornflake-chocolate-chip-marshmallow cookies On Sunday afternoon we had my best friend’s bridal shower which meant a weekend of madly running around trying to organise everything in the 36 hours before the party. I was helping to organise a few things but my main responsibility was putting together a cookie bar. The cookie bar […]

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A spoonful of sugar

Spoonful 543 High Street, Prahran With Gerard in Ghana I’ve been filling my weekends with lots of brunches and TV, sad but true. On my first solo weekend I went to Spoonful is Prahran with girlfriend Strawberry Fields and my best friend (who, by the way, is currently featured cracking eggs and throwing giant cherries around like […]

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Lemon Meringue cake

Nigella’s Lemon Meringue Cake Over the Easter weekend (that feels like a seriously long time ago now) it was my friend Strawberry Fields’ birthday. A lot of our friends were out of Melbourne for the long weekend so Gerard, SF and I had a pizza and trashy TV night on Good Friday to celebrate her birthday. […]

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A love letter to Longrain and its desserts

Longrain 44 Little Bourke Street, CBD Ok, I think I need to come clean about something before I start this post – Longrain is one of my favourite restaurants. I love it. I have loved it for years now and there is very little that anyone can do to change that. When Gerard confessed after […]

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Gran’s ANZACs

ANZAC biscuits I have  inherited a few things from my grandparents, my favourite things are my Gran’s cookbooks. I have a few of them (including a 1952 edition of the PMWU cookbook complete with an ad on the inside cover for a kerosene powered fridge, so convenient!), but there is one that is easily my […]

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Dinner and dessert, but mainly dessert

Lupino 41 Little Collins Street, CBD The other night I had dinner with a couple of friends from school. We wanted to go somewhere nice but reasonably priced in the city. I suggested Lupino and was glad I did, not too casual and not too fancy, Lupino was just right.  I had tried to visit a couple of […]

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BBQ pork buns

Gingerboy’s steamed BBQ pork buns For Christmas Gerard gave me the Gingerboy cookbook which is full of amazing looking recipes. Amazing. The book also looks really pretty, I know it probably makes me shallow but I love a pretty cookbook, good food styling can make anything look appealing. I wanted to make something from the book but I […]

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Food truckin’

Gumbo Kitchen Check out their location daily on their twitter feed In the last 12 months there seems to have been an upmarket food truck explosion in Melbourne. Food trucks are certainly pretty popular overseas and I’m excited to see more of them popping up here. Gerard and I went on a holiday to the […]

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A birthday black forest cake

Black Forest Cake My dad’s birthday is on the 27th of December. I think he was scarred by a childhood of everyone rolling his birthday into general christmas celebrations so my family and I always feel like we should make a big deal of his birthday, even if he is 60 and should really have […]

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Merry christmas shortbread

Lemon and macadamia shortbread Merry christmas (and happy new year, that happened fast)! I know we’ve technically already posted something since christmas, but I was still in a food coma then so I don’t think it counted. I hope everyone had/is having a fun and delicious break. Getting to the point of this post, this […]

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A little Italian between friends

Gorski & Jones 304 Smith Street, Collingwood  Gorski & Jones is yet another new restaurant on Smith Street with a vaguely industrial fit out, and a very pretty vaguely industrial fit out at that. I was going to rant here about how every second restaurant I see these days looks ecclectic and different in exactly the […]

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A drink with your dinner?

Naked for Satan 285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy Last week I had dinner with my friend Wolf from work who recently quit to follow his dream of being a screenwriter. I’m still impressed that he actually had the guts to do it,  I would never be brave enough to do that. Maybe the difference is that […]

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Tacos in the sun

Paco’s Tacos Level 1, 500 Bourke Street, CBD (corner of William) Do you remember where you were when you first heard about Paco’s Tacos? For me it was momentous, much like Princess Diana crashing, MJ dangling a baby out a window or Kim Kardashian getting divorced, it was the kind of defining moment that I will […]

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A handbag?!

Roast chicken thighs (and more) Ok, last birthday-related post. I swear. Last Saturday I had a few people over for dinner as a pseudo-birthday party. This post is part recipe and part thank you to my friends.  Dinner was nothing fancy, mainly just a overgrown kids sitting around eating too much and watching youtube (for some […]

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A little bit of Luxbite

Luxbite 38 Toorak Road, South Yarra A very little post today.  My birthday was last Tuesday and a friend who was at Luxbite picked me up a little pack of sugary goodness (AKA macarons). The macarons can be bought in person or ordered online for pick up (boxed sets only). Individually I think they are $2.50 […]

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Lunch with a new vue

Vue de Monde Level 55, 525 Collins Street (Via express lift from the Vue de Monde desk in the Rialto lobby) She says: This post is brought to you by express lunches, guest-writer Colin Hill and the number 7. My birthday is coming up this week and so my friend Colin Hill suggested that we […]

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Golden Fields at home (kind of)

On the weekend Gerard and I had dinner at Colin Hill’s place with my best friends and her boyfriend-who-gave-her-diamond, the prominent eurasian, the dentist and C from uni. I was in charge of desserts and was told to bring a surprise that wasn’t boring. Before I get to dessert though I should talk quickly about what […]

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Over the bridge and far away

Pint of Milk 19 North Road, Newport Riddle me this: what’s silver, weighs a tonne and has multiple headaches? Answer: my car full of hungover friends last Saturday. Ok, that was a really lame riddle, but I’m struggling to think a little just remembering how tired everyone was last week. My friend Strawberry Fields lives […]

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Sticky fingers on Victoria St

Thanh Tam 172 Victoria Street, Richmond Last Wednesday I went home after work and was all settled in to my E! reality show catch up session when I got a last minute call from my best friend asking if I wanted to go for dinner on Victoria Street. So I dragged myself away from the […]

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Pizza worship

Pizza Religion 493 Tooronga Road, Hawthorn East The other day I caught up with a friend from uni C for dinner after work. C works in Box Hill so we normally dinner out there or near my place. This time we decided to go to pizza religion, a pizza place near my house that Gerard […]

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South-side brunching

Cafe Vue at 401 401 St Kilda Road, St Kilda The other weekend Gerard and I caught up with some friends for a Sunday brunch and found that the most central location was somewhere around St Kilda Road. Now there’s not a lot on St Kilda Road as far as food (or anything other than […]

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A little bit gourmet

Gourmet Dumpling Restaurant 71 Glenferrie Road, Malvern  Gourmet Dumpling Restaurant (GDR) is my number one dumpling haunt. It has a number of advantages – it’s local, it’s cheap and it’s delicious. They also have an upstairs room where they often sit me when I go with a group of friends so we don’t disturb everyone […]

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Down the rabbit hole

Hare & Grace 525 Collins Street, CBD (next to Rialto on King St side, downstairs) Ex-workmate A and I caught up for dinner after work the other day and decided to trek the 10 meters Hare & Grace, an ‘eatery and minibar’. We’ve been to Hare & Grace a lot since it opened back in […]

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Yes, Sir!

Mister Close 246 Bourke St, CBD (inside Midcity Plaza on the Swanston Street side) On Monday I braved the potential rain (and associated hair nightmare) to go for lunch with K at new CBD lunch spot Mister Close. Gerard had been with a friend when he was working in Melbourne last week and (despite forgetting to take […]

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A civilised CBD lunch

Merchant 495 Collins Street, Melbourne (next to Rialto, William St side) On Thursday I went out for lunch with ex-officemate-I who recently changed jobs. With me working down the King St (AKA Beiruit) end of the city and ex-officemate-I now working in Southbank our lunch options were a little limited. Given that we don’t see each […]

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An accidental roast

The Fox Hotel 351 Wellington Street, Collingwood This past Sunday I met up with my uni-friend-K for lunch.  I met K at his house in Clifton Hill and we planned to walk down to Gasometer on Smith St for a cozy Sunday lunch.  Unfortunately when we made it through the cold down to Smith St we […]

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Sunday slow cook

Last year I jumped on the slow cooker bandwagon.  I resisted at first because I felt like it was probably one of those things that everyone would talk about for 6 months and then completely forget and while I think the popularity has now pulled back quite a bit, I have become a convert.  I […]

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Keepin’ it in the family

North East China Family 305 Flinders Lane, CBD (just near corner of Elizabeth) I’m calling it, North East China Family (or NECF as I lovingly refer to it) is my favourite CBD dumpling restaurant. It’s not necessarily the best Chinese in the city, or even the best dumplings, but the price, atmosphere, quality and selection […]

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