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The Art of Swiss Ice Cream

Mövenpick Hotel, Sankofa Restaurant Victoria Borg, Accra, Ghana Mövenpick the ice cream, meet Mövenpick the hotel. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that Mövenpick, a brand I thought was only associated with expensive ice cream, also ran a hotel chain. My mind was awash with fanciful images of rooms made of ice cream […]

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One Lounge to End Them All

QANTAS Sydney First Lounge So I’m off to Ghana (in West Africa) for work, which will make a very welcome change to flying to Sydney. However, I’ve found out that flying to Ghana is a colossal pain, involving a number of unfortunately timed flights. People who say it’s about the journey, rather than the destination, […]

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Every harlot was a virgin once

Virgin Australia Lounge, Melbourne Virgin Australia Terminal, Melbourne Domestic Terminal How does the new Virgin Australia experience stack up? It was a question that had been bugging me ever since I’d received my shiny Frequent Flyer card in the mail (in an effort to poach QANTAS frequent flyers Virgin have been giving out free memberships with matched status). I had […]

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It’s Business Time

QANTAS Sydney Business Domestic Lounge QANTAS Business Lounges (Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne) An evening stuck at the airport because QANTAS has delayed, delayed and now cancelled my flight home probably isn’t the best (or least biased) time to write this review. Regardless, I’ll cast my mind back to the 22nd of September – a happier […]

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The last flight out of Melbourne (QF494)

Melbourne->Sydney, Monday 9:00pm, QF494 This is the last QANTAS flight out of Melbourne on a Monday evening, so as you can imagine, nobody really wants to be there. The food is generally forgettable, usually some kind of unusual dip that nobody would normally eat but you do because there isn’t anything else to do besides […]

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QANTAS, Stepping up to the Plate

In an age of discount airlines, excess baggage and CASA license revocations, one airline is brave enough to still provide food with their tickets. If you’re (un)fortunate enough to fly QANTAS, the John Travolta endorsed flying Red Roo on a long enough Domestic flight at the right time, they’ll serve you a meal. With a […]

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