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Fantastic Mr Fox

Brother Fox 648 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn He says We drive down Glenferrie Road almost every day, so I was really surprised when Brother Fox just appeared out of nowhere. When Crab Apple Kitchen opened up just down the road, there were weeks of suspense before it opened. But Brother Fox just appeared to just fall […]

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Tasting the forbidden fruit

Crabapple Kitchen 659 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn She Says Last week whenever I went to the gym I passed by a colourful new cafe with a cute picket fence out the front. I tried to find a name each time I drove past but couldn’t manage anything other than the street number. After some intense googling […]

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Bake me a…

MoVida Bakery 3 Tivoli Road, South Yarra She Says MoVida Bakery is inconspicuously located in a fairly non-descript building on a side street near Chapel Street, behind a petrol station. For a cafe that’s a little out of the way, it really attracts a crowd. I can see why though, I wasn’t all that hungry on […]

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SOJO, making the backstreet cool

South of Johnston 46 Oxford Street, Collingwood He says What better way to celebrate the Queen’s birthday weekend than a trip to South of Johnston, abbreviated as SOJO. The weather outside, however, was not in such a festive spirit, and all of Collingwood was covered in a destitute gray rain; a very Melbourne winter day. […]

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Prince Ali! Fabulous he!

St Ali 12/18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne He says We stumbled into St Ali on Good Friday, after the cafe we planned to visit was incorrectly listed on Broadsheet as being open. Not that I was complaining about a visit to St Ali, as the visit the previous month for the Texas BBQ evening was […]

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Baa baa black sheep

Three Bags Full 60 Nicholson Street, Abbotsford She says On the weekend Gerard and I decided to go out for lunch. By the time we got around to thinking about lunch I was really, really hungry so I suggested that we try Three Bags Full in Abbotsford, mainly because it’s not too far away. I’ve heard […]

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Hot Coffee?

Coffeehead 8-10 Railway Parade, Camberwell She says Last Sunday Gerard and I headed to Coffeehead in Camberwell for brunch. Coffeehead is in what looks like an old warehouse on Railway Parade in Camberwell, the funny little street just past VicRoads and Brunetti that nobody has any reason to go down unless they’re walking through to […]

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Breakfast in the backstreets

Backstreet Cafe 152 Kerr Street, Fitzroy She says Backstreet Cafe is the new cafe brought to you by the creators of Birdman Eating. I’ve always quite liked Birdman Eating (although I find their breakfasts a bit meh, I’m a much bigger fan of their tapas/dinner menu) so I was excited to try their new cafe. The […]

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Brunching with dogs

Ora Cafe 156 Parkington Street, Kew He says When I was younger I could go out on Saturday night, drink like a sailor on shore leave, and then get up the next day with nothing more than baggy eyes  and the irremovable smell of kebab. Out, damned kebab! Out I say! Unfortunately those days are […]

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Don’t Look Back

Pillar of Salt 541 Church St, Richmond He Says Now we’ve visited some oddly named establishments before, but the name Pillar of Salt is particularly unusual, and by name alone, it could be dangerously inedible. After some good old fashion googling, Wikipedia informed me that it’s either a reference to Lot’s wife from the Biblical […]

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To the moon and back

Life on Mars 842 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn He says: I’ve only seen Total Recall once, dubbed over in Italian which unfortunately I don’t speak a word of. Apart from the three breasted stripper and Arnie kicking a lot of evil corporate ass, the only other part of the movie that made any sense to me […]

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I couldn’t think of a Hardware Societe Pun

The Hardware Societe 120 Hardware Ln, Melbourne She says I’d heard a lot about hardware société and had always wanted to go for lunch but felt like it was just that little bit too far from work and probably way too hard to get a table. In the end I decided that a weekend brunch […]

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You’ve been Axiled

Axil Coffee Roasters 322 Burwood Road, Hawthorn He says: Sometimes I’m just oblivious to the world. I’ve driven past Axil for the last couple of months, and hadn’t noticed its imposing Burwood Road frontage; or maybe I was just trying to suppress memories of the Glenferrie hotel. Once I’d gotten my head out of the […]

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Over the bridge and far away

Pint of Milk 19 North Road, Newport Riddle me this: what’s silver, weighs a tonne and has multiple headaches? Answer: my car full of hungover friends last Saturday. Ok, that was a really lame riddle, but I’m struggling to think a little just remembering how tired everyone was last week. My friend Strawberry Fields lives […]

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Stopping All Stations to Mart

Mart 130 107 Canterbury Road, Middle Park He says: I must admit, I fell in love with Mart when I first laid eyes on it. Nestled in an old train station on the converted 96 tram route on the outskirts of Albert Park, Mart is picturesque. It’s the kind of cafe that you’ve always dreamed […]

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South-side brunching

Cafe Vue at 401 401 St Kilda Road, St Kilda The other weekend Gerard and I caught up with some friends for a Sunday brunch and found that the most central location was somewhere around St Kilda Road. Now there’s not a lot on St Kilda Road as far as food (or anything other than […]

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Liar, liar pants not so much on fire

Liar Liar 90 Kinkora Road, Hawthorn (just off corner of Glenferrie) He says: Liar Liar has well and truly captured the minds, and stomachs, of the gentrified Hawthornites(?). Sunday brunch was hectic. There were children running everywhere, orbit Baby Transportation Systems falling from the sky, and recently risen disenfranchised youths trying to avoid being seen […]

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The laziest brunch

Porgie + Mr Jones 291 Auburn Road, Hawthorn She says: I’d been sick all week and busy at work so had been looking forward to making the most of a weekend so when I woke up at 1.30 pm (!) the other Sunday I was disappointed. Disappointed until Gerard decided that we should go grab […]

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Collective Espresso

Collective Espresso 3 Cookson St, Camberwell (opposite Camberwell station) She says: Recently Collective Espresso has become one of my favourite weekend spots.  Collective is one of a growing number of cafes proving that you don’t have to leave my beloved inner eastern suburbs to find somewhere to have a good meal while enjoying eclectic decor […]

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