Real Focaccia, Flat Out


Shop 5A, 31 Equitable Place, Melbourne

Fugazza External

He Says

Equitable place can be best described as a synthetic Degraves Street for office workers. There aren’t packs of tourists with cameras taking edgy photos of graffiti, and unless you like the cold hard feeling of concrete, it’s not visually pleasing. What it does have going for it though, is a large selection of small cafes which primarily serve the takeaway crowd. It’s hard to distinguish one shop from another and, unless you’ve been recommended a place, you’re probably not going to venture out. See, just like Degraves Street.

Fugazza is nestled towards the Little Collins Street end of the street and if you blink, you’ll certainly miss it. It has a tiny pair of tables out the front, and a cozy bar down the side of the store. The fit out is plain but effective, and does a great job communicating Fugazza’s no-nonsense approach to food. I particularly like the orange logo. You can never have too much orange. Ever.

So, onto the food.

I ate

Fugazza is a traditional name for a focaccia. And these aren’t any of the old, run of the mill dry, cafeteria focaccias that we’re use to. They’re tasty and succulent, and there are a wide variety of fillings to be nestled between the perfectly toasted bread. The photo below is of a Sausage Fugazza, which contains pork sausage, stracchino cheese and caramelised onion, with a side of beetroot ($15). This is by far my favourite, and it’s so full of flavor that I didn’t want to put it down. Or for it to end. Genie, I’ll have one of these instead of a never ending packet of tim-tams.

Sausage Fugazza

Fugazza with Side Salad

Incase you’re after a different kind of pork based sandwhich, there’s the shaved Italian roast pork, roast pumpkin, aged asiago cheese and baby spinach Fugazza ($10 with no salad).

Porchetta Fugazza

The salads are simple but effective, and they seem to cycle through them pretty regularly. They make a great side to your fugazza, but I wouldn’t recommend them as the main.

To conclude

A delicious lunch to add your CBD repertoire. Goods things come in small packages, or in this case between two pieces of expertly flattened bread.

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