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The last people (and burgers) on earth

Burger Monster Harbour Town Shopping Centre, Docklands He says: Sometimes you don’t want a Wagyu beef burger furnished with biodynamic vegetables and tomato sauce made from tomatoes only harvested during a full moon. You want a good old fashioned hamburger. Like the one from your local fish and chip shop, except you want it to […]

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Golden Fields at home (kind of)

On the weekend Gerard and I had dinner at Colin Hill’s place with my best friends and her boyfriend-who-gave-her-diamond, the prominent eurasian, the dentist and C from uni. I was in charge of desserts and was told to bring a surprise that wasn’t boring. Before I get to dessert though I should talk quickly about what […]

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Over the bridge and far away

Pint of Milk 19 North Road, Newport Riddle me this: what’s silver, weighs a tonne and has multiple headaches? Answer: my car full of hungover friends last Saturday. Ok, that was a really lame riddle, but I’m struggling to think a little just remembering how tired everyone was last week. My friend Strawberry Fields lives […]

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Sticky fingers on Victoria St

Thanh Tam 172 Victoria Street, Richmond Last Wednesday I went home after work and was all settled in to my E! reality show catch up session when I got a last minute call from my best friend asking if I wanted to go for dinner on Victoria Street. So I dragged myself away from the […]

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The fairest dumplings of them all?

HuTong Dumpling Bar 14 – 16 Market Lane, CBD She says: HuTong gets a lot of praise and is often credited with serving the best dumplings in Melbourne. Despite the hype and my (completely unhealthy and obsessive) love of dumplings I’ve only been to HuTong once before, not long after it opened back in 2009. […]

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Once you Jock you can’t stop

Jock’s ice cream 83 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park She says: Just a little one today, the weather was so nice that after brunch at Mart the other week that we all walked (and yes, by walked I mean drove) down to Jock’s for ice cream. I definitely didn’t need it, but I sure enjoyed it. I don’t […]

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Stopping All Stations to Mart

Mart 130 107 Canterbury Road, Middle Park He says: I must admit, I fell in love with Mart when I first laid eyes on it. Nestled in an old train station on the converted 96 tram route on the outskirts of Albert Park, Mart is picturesque. It’s the kind of cafe that you’ve always dreamed […]

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Pizza worship

Pizza Religion 493 Tooronga Road, Hawthorn East The other day I caught up with a friend from uni C for dinner after work. C works in Box Hill so we normally dinner out there or near my place. This time we decided to go to pizza religion, a pizza place near my house that Gerard […]

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South-side brunching

Cafe Vue at 401 401 St Kilda Road, St Kilda The other weekend Gerard and I caught up with some friends for a Sunday brunch and found that the most central location was somewhere around St Kilda Road. Now there’s not a lot on St Kilda Road as far as food (or anything other than […]

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You have me in stitches

Stitch Bar 61 York St,Sydney Only a couple of years ago, the Sydney CBD was a barren wasteland when it came to small bars.  If you weren’t smashing down schooners whilst watching some kind of sporting event, or raving it up in a large club, there wasn’t really that much on offer. Luckily ,those days […]

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A little bit gourmet

Gourmet Dumpling Restaurant 71 Glenferrie Road, Malvern  Gourmet Dumpling Restaurant (GDR) is my number one dumpling haunt. It has a number of advantages – it’s local, it’s cheap and it’s delicious. They also have an upstairs room where they often sit me when I go with a group of friends so we don’t disturb everyone […]

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It’s starting to feel a lot like summer

D.O.C. Pizza and Mozzarella Bar 295 Drummond St, Carlton He says: The acronym D.O.C. , back in the motherland, stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata, which translates into “controlled designation of origin”. It’s a label applied to food in Italy which has been certified by licensed inspectors to be authentically Italian. Dominos need not Apply. […]

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