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Failure to Arancini

This post is about failure. Failure to read a recipe, failure to pay attention, and failure to respect ones own heritage. Failure, in this case, means failing to make a proper arancini. And I mean a proper arancini; not the kind that sit in food court bain marie that you get with a side salad, […]

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Happy 1st Birthday

He Says A year ago to the day, our humble little blog started its life on the internet. Hours of procrastinating, days of CSS tweaking, and constant worrying about launch content was all over when we flicked the metaphorical switch and a whole new set of problems appeared. Would people visit the blog? How are […]

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Cookies for all!

Momofuku Milk Bar cornflake-chocolate-chip-marshmallow cookies On Sunday afternoon we had my best friend’s bridal shower which meant a weekend of madly running around trying to organise everything in the 36 hours before the party. I was helping to organise a few things but my main responsibility was putting together a cookie bar. The cookie bar […]

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Lemon Meringue cake

Nigella’s Lemon Meringue Cake Over the Easter weekend (that feels like a seriously long time ago now) it was my friend Strawberry Fields’ birthday. A lot of our friends were out of Melbourne for the long weekend so Gerard, SF and I had a pizza and trashy TV night on Good Friday to celebrate her birthday. […]

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Gran’s ANZACs

ANZAC biscuits I have  inherited a few things from my grandparents, my favourite things are my Gran’s cookbooks. I have a few of them (including a 1952 edition of the PMWU cookbook complete with an ad on the inside cover for a kerosene powered fridge, so convenient!), but there is one that is easily my […]

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BBQ pork buns

Gingerboy’s steamed BBQ pork buns For Christmas Gerard gave me the Gingerboy cookbook which is full of amazing looking recipes. Amazing. The book also looks really pretty, I know it probably makes me shallow but I love a pretty cookbook, good food styling can make anything look appealing. I wanted to make something from the book but I […]

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A birthday black forest cake

Black Forest Cake My dad’s birthday is on the 27th of December. I think he was scarred by a childhood of everyone rolling his birthday into general christmas celebrations so my family and I always feel like we should make a big deal of his birthday, even if he is 60 and should really have […]

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Merry christmas shortbread

Lemon and macadamia shortbread Merry christmas (and happy new year, that happened fast)! I know we’ve technically already posted something since christmas, but I was still in a food coma then so I don’t think it counted. I hope everyone had/is having a fun and delicious break. Getting to the point of this post, this […]

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Good Morning Sapa Hills 2

Sapa Hills 2 621 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Victoria She says The other Sunday I was craving an udon from my local Japanese restaurant Samurai (home of the famous recession busting $15 dinner box with soup, entree, main and milkshake) but then I realised that it’s closed on Sundays. I wasn’t really interested in branching out […]

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A handbag?!

Roast chicken thighs (and more) Ok, last birthday-related post. I swear. Last Saturday I had a few people over for dinner as a pseudo-birthday party. This post is part recipe and part thank you to my friends.  Dinner was nothing fancy, mainly just a overgrown kids sitting around eating too much and watching youtube (for some […]

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Golden Fields at home (kind of)

On the weekend Gerard and I had dinner at Colin Hill’s place with my best friends and her boyfriend-who-gave-her-diamond, the prominent eurasian, the dentist and C from uni. I was in charge of desserts and was told to bring a surprise that wasn’t boring. Before I get to dessert though I should talk quickly about what […]

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Sunday slow cook

Last year I jumped on the slow cooker bandwagon.  I resisted at first because I felt like it was probably one of those things that everyone would talk about for 6 months and then completely forget and while I think the popularity has now pulled back quite a bit, I have become a convert.  I […]

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