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To the moon and back

Life on Mars 842 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn He says: I’ve only seen Total Recall once, dubbed over in Italian which unfortunately I don’t speak a word of. Apart from the three breasted stripper and Arnie kicking a lot of evil corporate ass, the only other part of the movie that made any sense to me […]

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A handbag?!

Roast chicken thighs (and more) Ok, last birthday-related post. I swear. Last Saturday I had a few people over for dinner as a pseudo-birthday party. This post is part recipe and part thank you to my friends.  Dinner was nothing fancy, mainly just a overgrown kids sitting around eating too much and watching youtube (for some […]

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A little bit of Luxbite

Luxbite 38 Toorak Road, South Yarra A very little post today.  My birthday was last Tuesday and a friend who was at Luxbite picked me up a little pack of sugary goodness (AKA macarons). The macarons can be bought in person or ordered online for pick up (boxed sets only). Individually I think they are $2.50 […]

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Birthday sparkler with a side of ice-cream

St Katherine’s

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I couldn’t think of a Hardware Societe Pun

The Hardware Societe 120 Hardware Ln, Melbourne She says I’d heard a lot about hardware société and had always wanted to go for lunch but felt like it was just that little bit too far from work and probably way too hard to get a table. In the end I decided that a weekend brunch […]

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You’ve been Axiled

Axil Coffee Roasters 322 Burwood Road, Hawthorn He says: Sometimes I’m just oblivious to the world. I’ve driven past Axil for the last couple of months, and hadn’t noticed its imposing Burwood Road frontage; or maybe I was just trying to suppress memories of the Glenferrie hotel. Once I’d gotten my head out of the […]

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Lunch with a new vue

Vue de Monde Level 55, 525 Collins Street (Via express lift from the Vue de Monde desk in the Rialto lobby) She says: This post is brought to you by express lunches, guest-writer Colin Hill and the number 7. My birthday is coming up this week and so my friend Colin Hill suggested that we […]

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The Dip 55 Liverpool St, Chinatown, Sydney (inside GoodGod) If you haven’t already noticed, I have this unashamed love of American style food. Good quality American food, not the three cheeseburgers at the Circular Quay McDonalds kind, but  food that has been carefully assembled, tastes great, but is still a little on the comfort food […]

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It’s Business Time

QANTAS Sydney Business Domestic Lounge QANTAS Business Lounges (Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne) An evening stuck at the airport because QANTAS has delayed, delayed and now cancelled my flight home probably isn’t the best (or least biased) time to write this review. Regardless, I’ll cast my mind back to the 22nd of September – a happier […]

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